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Dovetail Gallery Announces its Pop Art sculpture will be Highlighted at the 2013 Grand Patriotic Parade

Giant Quacker is the brainchild of David Seitzinger and Gary Cacchione. This project was a commissioned work for the 2012 governor’s awards and is now a campus symbol at Mercyhurst University. David was recently working on mechanizing the 10 foot toy duck when news of the Perry 200 parade opportunity came to his attention and seemed like a great fit. After a few sketches and the technical meetings with Gary Cacchione a proposal with a twist and accepted by the Perry 200 Commission. What is better than one toy duck? Five baby ducks of course! The 2013 Grand Patriotic Parade will include Giant Quacker with smaller toy ducks created by The Dovetail Gallery team of mill workers and craftsmen. The Giant Quacker team has created a webpage to track the progress of this art project. This will allow the community to give to the cause and help be a part of the Public Art Creation.

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