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For Architects

 Why Choose Dovetail Gallery?

Your vision is important to us. You won’t find formulaic thinking here. We provide custom millwork for commercial and residential spaces. As a company that specializes in innovation, we want to work with the best and brightest creative visionaries who think so far out of the box that the box isn’t even in the picture. Where others say “can’t”, we say “how”. That is the Dovetail Advantage.

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The Dovetail Gallery Advantage



The on-staff engineering team is able to integrate both static and dynamic uses of metals within several different wood and plastic laminate structures. From providing structural needs of cabinetry to fabricating movable units, the combination of metal with other materials creates unique and functional designs that architects appreciate.


Dovetail Gallery Inc. remains a cut above the rest due to over 25 years of experienced, hard-working and friendly people who exceed client expectations every day. Our commitment to quality services and support continues to propel our growth and success.


Dovetail Gallery Inc. is a home to many motivated and highly trained craftsmen and professional people who have the unique skills and ability necessary to help our clients meet their goals in a cost-effective way.


As a company, Dovetail has impressive experience working with a variety of wood species from the exotic zircote to the common mahogany. The diversity that Dovetail’s woodworking division offers is unparalleled.  There is no job too big or small, and Dovetail offers meticulous attention to detail for every client, regardless the scope of the project.

Plastic Laminate

We take pride with keeping up with trends in  today’s  plastic  laminates.  There is no other company who can match the caliber of their custom laminate cabinetry and wine cabinets.  With decades of formidable relationships with manufacturers your choices are endless.  Because of the dignity invested in our work, Dovetail only uses the highest quality hinges and drawer slides by U.S. manufacturers which enhances the overall excellence of the cabinetry.


Metal can be applied to any architectural surface by Dovetail’s engineering team, so that the clients have the most impressive and cutting-edge designs for their project needs. From installing brass foot & hand rails in an elegant lounge establishment, to mounting perforated metal to entire walls, the options using metal products are endless.


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